Sunday, November 13, 2005

Axle Installed

Finally, the refurbished axle assembly is installed, just need to find some grease caps!

It took something on the order of 20 hours and about a hundred dollars to complete.

Well worth the peace of mind I'll have when cruising down the road at 70 mph, knowing there are no loose or broken parts!

And as a bonus, it looks really good too!

Please remember that this is not intended to be a step by step instruction manual, but rather a report on my experience refreshing an old axle.
If nothing else a few more people have a better understanding of the "mysterious insides" of a brake system, and will be better equipped to tackle their own setup.

If you enjoyed this post, and like vintage trailers, please visit my "Repairing Yesterday's Trailers" page, where you'll find helpful advice, and be able to discuss repair issues with other old trailer fans.

Good luck with your project!



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