Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Beginning

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Hello all,

As the title suggests, this blog is about reparing a trailer axle.

However, it is not just any old trailer axle, this one is magical!!
No, just joking, but it is special, at least to me.

I ended up with this axle (and the rest of the trailer) a couple years ago when I was rehabbing a 1948 Mobile Sportsman trailer.
The axle was left over from the trailer I bought to use for spare parts.

I discovered the old trailer just a mile from my home, in terrible condition, and hardly worth the effort to strip for parts...but, when you're working on an obscure brand of 1948 trailer, you can't be too picky about which parts trailer to choose...

While it sure doesn't look like much, the effort required to get the owner to turn loose of it was enough to loose sleep over.
I bought, and paid for it, then waited as patiently as I could for 7 months for the owner to remove all his stuff.
He had used it as a backyard shed for years, and while he was a pretty nice fellow, he didn't get in a hurry over anything!

Well, believe you me, when I got ahold of it, no time was wasted!

I removed all the parts I needed, and anything worth saving, down to the frame in one weekend.

All the while, I had in mind to use the old frame and axle for another trailer I wanted to build, a version of a "Cabin Car".

Click on the photo to see Cabin Car images others have generously shared with me.