Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Leaf Springs

I'll start with the leaf springs.

The springs are an often overlooked part of rehabbing an old trailer.
They're just springs right?
Most people will clean the spring, maybe paint it, and call it done.

Ever ridden in a luxury car? Pretty soft smooth ride isn't it?

How about a heavy duty truck? Rather rough and bumpy isn't it?

Trailer springs are designed/engineered to provide adequate support for the trailer without being too stiff.
Too stiff makes for a bouncy hard ride.
A bouncy hard ride makes things break in cabinets, is hard on the trailer body and frame, and contributes to poor handling.

So where am I going with this? Well, over the years, dirt, dried grease, and rust are trapped/form between the spring leaves.
The result is that a spring that used to flex as designed, now struggles against layers of rust and crud.
Unable to move as designed, the once flexible spring is now quite rigid.

This picture shows the spring that we sandblasted, disassembled...


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