Sunday, November 13, 2005

Removing The Brake Parts

Here is a closer look.

To disassemble, remove the two springs that connect the ends of the brake shoe.
Grasp the ends of the brake shoe, and pull outward, then down.

Next, loosen, and remove the two nuts that hold the wire leads from the brake magnet,
remove the wire leads.

Now remove the two small springs that hold the magnet to the backing plate.
The magnet can now be removed.

Now pull the grease shield off the center of the backing plate, it is a friction fit.

Pretty easy huh?

In case you're wondering what the magnet is attracted to, the steel plate (actually three steel plates in this case) are mounted in the hub.

The last step is to remove the backing plate from the axle.

There are only 5 bolts.
The nuts are on the outside of the backing plate, and the bolt heads are inside a recess in the plate, they'll probably turn.
There is no room for a socket or regular wrench, but a distributor wrench will fit just fine (bent wrench).

Here is a shot of all the parts,


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